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Balasore (The Sand City)

Balasore City
The beautiful sand city Balasore is situated in Balasore district of Odisha, about 194 kms north of the State capital Bhubaneswar, near the southeastern coast of India. It is the headquarter of Balasore district. Balasore came to be known from the Persian word "Bala-e-sore" which means Town in the sea. The town is also known as sand city for its proximity to wonderful beaches. It is best known for Chandipur beach. It is also the site of the Indian Ballistic Missile Defense Program's Integrated Test Range, located 18 km. south of Balasore. 

Balasore  was part of the ancient Kalinga which later became a territory of Utkal, till the death of Mukunda Dev. In recent times Balasore has turned into an industrial town. Balasore is a town in the North of Odisha, which is a state in South Eastern India. The city has West Bengal in the north, and the Bay of Bengal to the East. Balasore is a place of scenic beauty and a major tourist attraction, also because of its historical monuments, such as various temples in the area. There are a few hill ranges in the region too.

The summer season (From Mar - Jun) gets very hot with the temperatures range from a minimum of 23° C and can rise up to a maximum of 40° C. Monsoon or Rainy season (From Jul - Sep)  in the district of Balasore experiences a tropical monsoon climate and the conditions are wet for a few months of the year. And in the winter season (From Oct - Feb) is much pleasurable and amusing with a much soothing temperature range from 12° C to 29° C.

Balasore is an important tourist destination and a commercial hub of the state. There are many industries are resides here. As of 2001 India census, Balasore had a population of 106,032. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Balasore has an average literacy rate of 86%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. It is the most literate town of Odisha. The local people of Balasore are involved in producing, fishing as well as travel for sustenance. 

Balasore is the education hub of Northern Odisha with many Engineering Schools and the famous Fakir Mohan University, named after the renowned novelist Fakir Mohan Senapati, who hails from this town of Odisha. There are number of schools, colleges and universities dominate the small town. Also Balasore has a strong affinity for art and literature. Balasore also a major center of cultural activities of that region. 

National Highway 5 and National Highway 60 pass through the city,  this highway runs from Chennai to Kolkata. Intra-city transport comprises Cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws. City buses ply in two routes in the city to join the different parts of the city. Balasore railway station is an important station on the Howrah-Chennai main line of the South Eastern Railway. The distance to Kolkata is approximately 232 km, while the distance to Bhubaneswar is about 208 km. The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar. Kolkata is approximately three and a half hours by train and approximately 4 to 5 hours by bus.

Tourist attractions in and around Balasore are also aplenty. There are numerous places to visit such as Biranchi Narayan temple, Khirachora Gopinath Temple, Panchalingeswar temple, Chandipur seabeach, ITR Chandipur, Chandaneswar, Talasaari, Raibania fort, Bhushandeswar, Langaleswar, Balaramgadi, Rajagarh, Bhudhar Chandi, Kashafala, Ayodhya, Astadurga temple, Bardhanpur Maninageswar and Chasakhand's Bagha Jatin memoir. 

Balasore culture is a blend of traditional festivals, food, and music . The city offers a cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment, available in a form and abundance comparable to that in other cities. Balasore residents celebrate both Western and Indian festivals. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Navratri, Good Friday, Dussera, Moharram, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Rajaa and Maha Shivratri are some of the popular festivals in the city.

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