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Seasons in Odisha

The weather in Odisha is greatly influenced by the sea, because of its proximity to the sea. Odisha enjoys a tropical monsoon type of climate. Here, summers are very hot and monsoons are very obliging. The climate of the region is tropical resulting in very high temperature in the months of April and May. The average annual rainfall in the state is about 200 cm.

Three seasons are mainly experienced in Odisha:

Summer season (March-June):
The summer season in Odisha commences in March and stretches till June. The temperatures are quite high during this time and the sun very harsh. The maximum temperature of Odisha, in the summer season goes well above 40° C. It is warm almost throughout the year in the Western districts of Sundergarh, Sambalpur, Baragarh, Bolangir, Kalahandi and Mayurbhanj with maximum temperature hovering between 40-46° C.

Rainy(Monsoons) Season (July-September):
The rainy season of Odisha starts in July and lasts till October. Southwest monsoons head its way in the beginning of June and by July, the whole of the state is under its influence. By the mid October, southwest monsoons withdraw from this region completely. The coastal areas of the state usually experience cyclone and tornado during this season. The average rainfall is 150 cm, experienced as the result of south west monsoon during July-September. The month of July is the wettest and the major rivers may get flooded. Some coastal parts of the state also experience cyclone and tornado during this time. The state also experiences small rainfall from the retreating monsoon in the months of October-November. January and February are dry.

Winter season (October-February):
The winter season in Odisha lasts for approximately five months, from October to February. The weather in this season is quite chilly and the minimum temperature dips to as low as 7 deg C. Winter is not very severe except in some areas in Koraput and Kandhamal where minimum temperature may drop to 3-4° C.

However in Odisha locally there are six seasons:

1. Grishma (Summer), Baisakha and Jyestha (mid-April to mid-June)
2. Barsa (Rainy season), Ashadha and Sravana (mid-June to mid-August)
3. Sharat (Autumn), Bhadraba and Aswina (mid- August to mid-October)
4. Hemanta (Winter), Kartika and Margasira (mid-October to mid-December)
5. Sisira (Winter), Pausa and Magha (mid-December to mid-February)
6. Basanta (Spring), Falguna and Chaitra (mid-Feb to mid-April)

Though the weather in the state remains pleasant throughout the year, the best time to explore its beauty is the winter season, which lasts from October to March. Given below is more information on the weather of Odisha. In the coastal districts, the climate is equable but highly humid and sticky. The summer maximum temperature ranges between 35-40° C and the low temperatures are usually between 12-14° C.

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