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Utkal Gourav Madhusudhan Das

Madhusudhan Das
Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das (28 Apr 1848 – 4 Feb 1934) was born on 28 April 1848 to Choudhury Raghunath Das and mother Parbati Debi in Satyabhamapur village of Cuttack district, Odisha. His parent had initially named him Gobindaballabh, later they changed his name to Madhusudan. He was known as Utkal Gourab which means Pride of Utkal.

Madhusudan Das had his early education in the village school, where he had studied many subjects, including Persian from a Maulvi. After completed his primary education, he moved to Cuttack High School (Later known as Ravenshaw Collegiate School) for secondary education. Later he went to Calcutta University, where he completed his B.A. degree and he continued his studies there to complete his M.A. and B.L. degrees. He was the first graduate and advocate of Odisha.

After returning to Odisha from Calcutta in 1881, he started his legal practice. His insight knowledge on this field helped him to earn sufficiently and spend for the common man. he worked for the political, social and economical upliftment of the people of Odisha and served his mother-nation as a lawyer, social reformer and patriot. He founded "Utkal Sammilani" after concluding the "Utkal Sabha" in the year 1903 to form a separate state as Odisha, which surrounded with Odia speaking people and Odia culture. He has been admired as a legislator and journalist. He was the first Odia to be a member of both the legislative council and the Central Legislative Assembly of India. As a writer and poet he penned a number of articles and poems in both English and Odia. Some of his important poems are "Utkal Santan", "Jati Itihash" and "Jananira Ukti" etc. He was also an influential speaker in Odia, Bengali and English.

He sacrificed his whole life for the welfare of his country and people. He spent all his wealth for the sake of the country and declared himself as an insolvent. He died on 4 February 1934. Mahatma Gandhi described him as a great Indian patriot who wore himself out in giving shape and reality to various nation-building schemes.

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