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Economy of Odisha

The economy of Odisha is expanding through sectoral shifts in GSDP from agriculture to industry to service. The Odisha economy has been boosted with the presence of modern infrastructural facilities. The transportation system has been upgraded with well maintained road networks, an international airport at Bhubaneswar, major ports Paradip Port, Dhamra Port and Gopalpur, and rail network connecting all major cities of the country. The recent high growth story in Odisha is due to high industrial growth. Odisha's industry is mineral based and mineral contribution in its value is highest in the country. This state is a highest producer of aluminum in India.  Important minerals in Odisha are iron ore, coal, bauxite, chromite, manganese and graphite. In the agricultural sector, the presence of fertile soils and favorable climate have aided Odisha to emerge as one of the leading agricultural states of the country. The state is also one of the major fish producing states.

List of the major contributors to the Odisha economy and leading industries of the state are:
1. Agriculture
2. Fisheries
3. Forest based husbandry
4. Minerals
5. Cement
6. Paper
7. Sugar
8. Fertilizer
9. Iron and steel
10. Handloom
11. Tourism
12. Information and technology

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