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Health Care in Odisha

Healthy society gives births to healthy individuals. Before independence many states of India were basically underdeveloped in providing the health services and so many factors were responsible for this. Since independence the health infrastructure of Odisha is gradually developing and maintaining a standard. For providing qualitative medical services to the people, medical education has become a top priority. At the distribution pattern of number of health centres per lakh population, the position of Odisha as compared with the national average is found to be relatively better.

Keeping the importance of the matter in mind three government medical colleges and an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have been started with good infrastructure which are best at specialized treatments for various diseases. And In the rural areas Primary Health Centres, Sub-Primary Health Centres are there to take care of the patients. In recent years the ground for health infrastructure has been designed in such a manner which attracts reputed players in the health sectors to invest in Odisha. As a result of which a number of specialized hospitals in their concerned fields have opened their branches in Odisha.

AIIMS Bhubaneswar

Besides a no. of private hospitals, large numbers of high standard nursing homes, diagnostic centres, pathological labs, clinics, are operating through out Odisha for which the state has become a hot destination for medical facilities in the eastern India. The patients from neighboring states are coming in large numbers everyday for getting best medical care.

In rural areas of Odisha, Anganbadi (A project of Odisha Govt.) works as the best medium of health services. Rural women during their maternity depend upon on the Anganbadi Workers for update medical advices. Anganbadi workers are properly trained on basic first aid services for infants and pregnant women. The immunization programmes of health and family welfare department for women and children are conducted by the Anganbadi workers. The state Government supplies the most essential drugs for various diseases to the Anganbadi workers to which they supply to the people by moving door to door. Anganbadi works as an alternative medical facilitating unit for the people who don't have hospitals in the near by areas.

The Government of Odisha is working efficiently to provide the best available medical facilities to the people. So as an initiative, the Government has persuaded many best hospitals of India for operating in Odisha. The state Government is providing basic infrastructure facilities in a fine tuned manner to the investors of medical sector. The days are over when people of Odisha were going for a general medical test to far away, but the wind has started blowing in the favour of Odisha and people from far away have started coming here because we provide advanced medical facilities.

Mechanism of Health Services in Odisha

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