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Puri Beach

Puri Beach

Puri Beach is situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. Puri is best known as the ancient and modern city and also it is known for being a Hindu sacred place. Here you can find temples, monuments, landscapes, and of course the famous beach of Puri.

Puri sea beach is the right place to spend and enjoy morning and evening, which shows you an amazing color-play of light in the sky during sunrises and sunsets. The waves of the deep blue sea, is virtually stunning, as the revelers soak on the golden sand. According to Hindu belief, there are five great holy spots(Pancha Tirthas) at Puri out of which sea is the greatest and holiest for tourists and travelers. The beach is very wide and exposed and there's not a scrap of shade to be found. You can also enjoy water sports on the beach. For all these reasons including Golden Sea Beach Puri, millions of travelers visit the holy town.

If you visit the beach during the Kartik Purnima (in the month of February), then you will witness the five-day-long annual Puri Beach Festival, which is co-sponsored by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, the city of Odisha, the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, Kolkata. The Jagannath Temple is the most popular temple here. Then there are other ancient temples that are visited by thousands of devotees all the year round.

Best time to visit Puri Beach

The best time to visit the beach is from October to March, when the fair and festivals are on.

Getting there

By Train: Puri is the nearest railway station.
By Air: Biju Pattnaik International Airport Bhubaneswar, about 60-km from Puri town.
By Road: Puri is 60-km from Bhubaneswar via Pipili and 35-km from Konark on Marine Drive.
For Getting around Puri: Buses and Taxis are available for local transportation. Cycle rickshaws and Auto rickshaws are also available all over town.



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